Crypto Bike

Official Crypto Bike Whitepaper
Crypto Bike is the world's first game filled with fast, agile and unusual bikes. The game allows you to feel like a real motorcycle racer who has the opportunity to participate in tournaments and compete for a prize. Also, players will be able to purchase their own NFT bikes, which can be revived in the game. In addition, you will have the opportunity to improve them to your unique taste and later put them on our Marketplace for sale or exchange with other users.

Crypto Bike: Community and Economy

In terms of the fleet, we also did not let us down: the player is given a large selection of motorcycles to choose from, and all of them can participate in one race. All vehicles can be upgraded - install a new engine, brakes, turbine, wheels... And with each update, the fleet will increase. Players will have access to 3 types of races: Street race, Tournament & Bike war: Drag PvP.
Our game is a new genre of block chain games, we have combined P2E & Game Fi & web3. From each concept we took only the best:
P2E - play and earn; Game Fi - mint their NFTs to get the most unique and rare of their kind; Web3 - the work of smart contracts, to get the full autonomy of the game, so that the game and functionality are as simple as possible for the players.


Our goal is to become the number one game that will give you the opportunity to revive your bikes and make money on races. Also create a technology for transferring your bike from the real world to the game. One of the most popular directions of this time is Metaverse. Therefore, our team decided to create a new racing world for you, in which you can walk both in the future and return to the past. Also, it is not enough for us to be the first on one platform, we want to be number one on five exchanges at once. We want our players to earn, so that together with you we will be the First in the world. So get ready and start your engines, we are starting our race!!
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